Hide the desktop icons on Mac OS X

A two step way using the defaults command to hide the icons from the desktop in Mac OS X.

When you are in a creative flow, it may be nice to not have to organize any files that you create. The solution for me is to use the desktop as a temporary storage area. The organizing can always be done later.

I like to use the desktop folder for saving new files I am going to work in, but only because I need somewhere to save my files, does it not necessarily mean that I want to scribble down the wallpaper. The files is just as easy to find via the Finder or the Terminal.

If you want to the hide icons from your Mac OS X desktop, you can use the defaults command. Open the Terminal, type the following and press Enter.

defaults write com.apple.finder CreateDesktop -bool false

You have now changed a setting for the Finder application and must now restart the app for the icons to disappear.

killall Finder

To get the icons back again, run the same commands but change false to true.