The plus sign feature in Gmail addresses

With a simple plus sign (+) and a tag, you can get a second address to your Gmail account.

Sometimes we all wish that we never used that email address for all those newsletters and social networking notifications that we signed up on, but we did it because it's too complicated to use multiple accounts for that reason.

With Gmail, you can actually solve this problem by obtaining a kind of alias and then pipe all incoming emails to that address to a label (i.e. a standard filter).

Let's say that this is your email address.

Then you can use the following example to filter your email and the best part is that you don't need to set it up in advance; it just works.

You can actually use some others too.

Doesn't just a filter accomplish the same thing? Yes, but this way we don't need to think about the exact sender address (which often can vary) or even set up different filters for different newsletters or social networking sites etc.